Giddy-up this Sunday and tune in to the sweet rhythm of trotting horses. Yes, we’re taking some time out of the city for a morning of equestrian introductions. Meet these gentle giants up close and untap the art of riding horses as we experience one of the world’s oldest sports, and not to mention transport!

Join us for an experience with man’s symbiotic friend and ‘jump’ start your Sunday like none other. You’ll be taken through a few essentials and given lots of pro-tips on horsemanship and control. **Experienced riders may be permitted to skip this ;)  
Ride around for as long as you’d like or spend time with these majestic animals, feeding and grooming them. We’ll also be packing tummy sized food and juices for everyone so it’s not just the horses that do the eating.

What’s the vibe - Saddle up, horsemanship, galloping October winds.

How many to make a couple of us - A 5 couple equestrian experience.

When's this happening - Sunday, 16th October from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

How much for the two of us - Rs 2500 for the couple.

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