• Workbench Projects (map)
  • 7 Swamy Vivekananda Rd
  • Bengaluru, KA, 560008
  • India

thinker. tinker. up-cycle. vino-craft

Get tool-loose this weekend with a crafty little idea to upcycle that empty wine bottle you’ve been meaning to re-use! Pick a bottle or two, bring it along and tinker with a Couple of Us!

We’ve got mentors and idea-men, tools and tricks to take home a bottle, repurposed, renewed, recycled. Maybe you go home with a groovy lamp, a retro bird-feeder, chimes or tiki torches! So come on down Mr and Mrs Tinker Thinkerson and let your creativity get the better of you!

what’s the vibe? – Thinker hats, tinker fingers, get tool toony this weekend.   
how many to make a couple of us? – A 6-8 couple make-a-thon!
when's this happening? – 3:30 PM, Saturday, 20th February, 2016
where's this happening? – Workbench Projects, Ulsoor. Landmark: Right under the Ulsoor metro station.
how much for the two of us? - Rs 1800/- for a couple.
ooh, we love it! How do we reserve a spot?
Simply click the “We’re interested” button, leave us your name and number, and we’ll get right back to you.
what if we don’t make the limited spots? 
We get back to you all the same and plan the next one with you so this time you definitely make the spot!

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