bites. banter. boardgame bash.

From old classics to new age, simple to strategic, we get gaming this weekend with a happy huddle around a bunch of board games. We’re bringing along some old school favorites and some new; courtesy Pradyot and Tavleen of Waterfront Board Gaming who bring in the big guns from the world of board games! 

Play games that mix casual and high strategy, fun and banter, all in two hours of high energy gaming! From Pictionary to Incan Gold, bring in a game or two and get your game face on! 

What’s the vibe? –  The gamer move. bites and banter. two to game

How many to make a couple of us? – A 4 to 5 couple game-a-thon!

When's this happening? – Sunday, 6th March, 2016

Where's this happening? – At Yogisthaan, Indiranagar. Google Map Link
How much for the two of us? - Pay for what you eat. Yogisthaan has a lovely cafe that serves unique and delicious sattvic food. 

Ooh, we love it! How do we reserve a spot?
Simply click the “We’re interested” button, leave us your name and number, and we’ll get right back to you.
What if we don’t make the limited spots? 
We get back to you all the same and plan the next one with you so this time you definitely make the spot!

Pictures from the experience

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